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Title Why do women need both wound treatment and psychology treatment separately?
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-12-30
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Men do not have psychological wounds stored in memory since only moods operate in men. On the other hand, women have psychological wounds stored in their memory since both moods and feelings operate in women. Men need only psychological treatment to normalize the operation of psychological operation in perception, memory, and expression. Women need wound treatment first to change the negative feelings stored in memory to the void of feelings. Then, they need to take psychology treatment to normalize the operation of psychology. 

Therapeutic tasks aim for wound treatment and Mind Training aims for psychology treatment. Wound treatment lets you generate xes energy in xesmind and activate it to function as emotional energy, which in turn operates to treat psychological wounds stored in memory. Mind Training builds prevention ability inside you against accumulating psychological wounds or developing psychological disorders. Mind Training builds abilities to heal stress and wounds from relational conflicts before they get out of control preventing psychological disorders from recurring.

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