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Title Will using the work-out task for losing weight have an adverse effect on treatment?
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-12-30
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Q. I can't do well with the work-out task, so I try harder to do it than other tasks. Also, I have been feeling quite comfortable as the treatment has progressed, which has led me to gain some weight. I tend to use the work-out task to lose weight. Will it affect my treatment process adversely?

A. Balance is important in doing therapeutic tasks. Balance will be lost if you focus on only one task neglecting other tasks. Please, make sure you allocate similar time and effort among all the therapeutic tasks.

If you find doing the work-out task difficult, you can designate a specific time of the day just for the work-out task and try to do it. Please, keep in mind that you do the work-out task not to become fit but to treat your psychology. The same applies to all the other therapeutic tasks. 

As you proceed with therapeutic tasks, you will go through ups and downs of emotions from discomfort to comfort to stuffiness to comfort again. You can increase the time and effort when you feel depressed a lot and then you can come back to the regular pattern for all the tasks maintaining balance. Even when you feel quite comfortable, you must keep focusing on all the therapeutic tasks to make yourself a little uncomfortable and keep balance. 

Also, you must be continuously conscious of the fact that you are doing therapeutic tasks for the purpose of treating yourself. You must not get used to doing therapeutic tasks, which will lead to the aggravation of your condition. When you become to feel comfortable during the process of the treatment, you lose the will power to do therapeutic tasks and become to neglect doing them. You may also neglect therapeutic tasks when you get immersed into some other things. 

You will not gain much weight if you use your conscious as much as possible when doing therapeutic tasks since using consciousness leads to a great amount of energy consumption. It is not recommended that you do the work-out task for losing weight or get yourself immersed into the work-out task. Please, do not stay in comfort and keep being conscious of the purpose of doing all the therapeutic tasks. 

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