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Title How can I know that the psychology treatment of KIP is a reliable program?
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-12-08
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It is quite understandable that you may have doubts on the efficacy of KIP psychology treatment program since it adopts novel theories and methods. 

Here are some points of reference you can consider before you decide on your psychology treatment with KIP. 

1. Efficacy of the treatment program.

Korea Institute of Psycho-education has provided treatment programs to more than a few thousand people to apply the innovate on-line training method to stabilize psychology and build happiness ability. It shows the success rate of approximately 95% for the treatment of rage and wounds and the restoration of healthy psychology without any short-term or long-term adverse effect. 

2. Reliability of the treatment method.

The treatment methods adopted at KIP have been developed and revised as a result of almost 20 years of research and practice. Beomyoung Kim, the director of KIP, has developed the Theory of Mimind and Xesmind and the on-line psychology treatment programs based on years of experiences in the field of psychology counseling and psychology treatment. There are numerous publications on the theories and treatment methods that you can make reference to available in English, Japanese, and Korean. 

3. Regular seminars on human mind and psychology held year-round.

Korea Institute of Psycho-education has been hosting seminars on diverse topics related with human mind and psychology a couple of times a week at least for several years continuously. You are welcome to participate in seminars for asking questions and sharing opinions and can access the contents of all the previous seminars through videos and texts. 

Many people who took the treatment program of KIP have testified that KIP psychology treatment method is incomparable with many conventional treatment methods in its efficacy and reliability. By taking KIP psychology treatment training, you will be able to treat psychological wounds and restore healthy psychology in a fast and accurate way. You will also build happiness ability to prevent the recurrence of psychological problems and live happily with your loved ones for t

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