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Title Can I start even when I am in the worst situation?
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-03-30
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You can start the treatment training and build happiness ability even when you are in the worst situation.

Please, make sure that you apply for the right treatment type for you.

You may think :

- I am in such an complicate serious situation.

- The situation where my counterparty and I are in is unique and serious. 

- Other people are in better situations, but I myself feel so terrible and suffer from extreme pain. 

- My wounds are so severe that no expert can deal with them. 

- I have taken different counseling sessions, but none of them seemed to solve my problems. 

- My counterparty has had problems since she or he was a child, so I think it will be impossible to solve them.

- I have tried everything, but things got even worse and I gave up long time ago.

- I simply don't understand why I am still staying with with my counterparty. 

Many people think that their situation is the worst. 

You will learn through treatment training that identical mechanism of mind  and psychology is operating in all human beings. You will understand that your situation is not the worst one through treatment training.  

It is not actually important with respect to the treatment training whether you are in the worst situation, you are suffering from severe pain, you are experiencing rage, or your counterparty hurts you badly. 

The identical mechanism of mind  and psychology is operating in all human beings, and you just need to normalize the operation of your mind and psychology to treat yourself regardless of your circumstances. Then, you may want to give your counterparty an opportunity to realize and address his or her problems. 

KIP Treatment Training is not affected by individual circumstances at all. 

E-mail : uip@uip.ac

Blog :  https://kipmind.blogspot.com/


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