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Title What can I do when my counterparty refuses to take psychology treatment?
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-03-30
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The trainee's will and determination are crucial in proceeding with psychology treatment.  

As far as the trainee has a strong will for wound treatment, psychology treatment, and building happiness ability, he or she can achieve the ability to treat himself or herself, and live a happy life.

You don't need your counterparty to participate in the training. You can treat yourself all by yourself. 

- If you think that you are healthy but your counterparty needs treatment.

- If you think that your counterparty is the reason for your unhappiness. 

You may think that your counterparty needs psychology treatment, but he or she is mostly likely to refuse. Or you may not even suggest them taking psycholgy treatment, or they may tell you to go ahead by yourself. 

It is not recommended that you try to persuade your counterparty to take treatment training. 

You can simply tell your counterparty that you yourself will proceed with psychology treatment.

Or you can simply start your own psychology treatment without telling your counterparty.

You will treat wounds, normalize your psychology, and build happiness ability. Your counterparty will see you recover and feel that he or she also may as well choose to take psychology treatment training. Then, you have given them an opportunity to treat themselves by setting an example. 

Trying to persuade your counterparty to take treatment training will aggravate your own wounds and psychology, and make your counterparty build up resistance against psychology treatment. 

Wound treatment and psychology treatment are most effective when you start it with your own will and determination.

Taking treatment training by being pushed or forced by others will only bring about adverse effects. 

Do not hesitate to start treatment training by yourself. 

You will live a happy life after treating your wounds and psychology and give your counterparty an opportunity to start treatment training. 

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