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Title Being drizzled with treatment training
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)

I learned how important and valuable Mind Training and Mother Therapy are for me as I went through Covid-19 pandemic situation. They are excellent safety device in my life. 

People say they are exhausted with conflicts with husband and children as the pandemic situation continues, but I do not experience such difficulties even when I spend a lot of time in hustle and bustle with family at home. 

I do therapeutic tasks and smile, and just do my stuff without talking too much. Husband and children grumbled about the pandemic situation at first, but they gradually began to adapt themselves to the environment. I have adopted Mother Therapy for children and my son and my daughter have become composed and keep carrying on with their life. 

There is a saying, 'many a little makes a mickle'. I never imagined that my new habits would add up one by one and shine through like this in the pandemic situation. The power of Mind Training and Mother Therapy seem to be presented as the energy that overcomes stress and wounds even in a crisis situation. 

It has been 4 years since I started KIP Treatment Program. At first, I had to work really hard to treat myself. I still keep making efforts to fully restore happiness, but these days, I can see my treatment habits make me get closer and closer to the path of happiness as if I were drizzled with rain little by little until I get fully drenched with water. 

To live in pain for the rest of life, or to make efforts for sometime and gain happiness. Yes, I am making efforts for happiness even today. Keep it up, guys. 

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