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Title To those who are hesitating even at this very moment
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)

I could sense that my husband had changed a bit,  

but I just assumed that he was also going through some tough time like others in their 40s.

I thought it would just pass naturally. 

After all, we had been happily married for more than 10 years. 

I had never imagined that he would have an affair.  

I was completely at a loss 

when I found out that he was actually having an affair. 

I had insomnia, was extremely irritable, 

lost more than 10 pounds in a week, and even missed my cycles. 

I was looking for causes I could never figure out. 

I blamed myself for all possible things. 

I kept trying to find some solutions. 

Everyday felt like a year. 

I was in pain every moment I was awake. 

I even thought about taking drastic actions. 

I hesitated to take the treatment since it seemed expensive and time consuming. 

I became dependent on Youtube videos. 

They gave me temporary comfort and consolation, but didn't solve any problem. 

One day, it just occurred to me that I had children. 

My children…. 

They were studying my face constantly. 

I suddenly came to my senses. 

'What have I done to them? 

I can't let my children be miserable no matter how much pain I have.' 

I began to take KIP Treatment Program. 

My children began to change for the better 

as my wounds were treated through watching training videos and doing therapeutic tasks.

I regret that I wandered about and hesitated for a few months before taking the treatment. However, I am grateful to myself that I made a right choice. 

I want to praise myself for not destroying myself further, 

not wandering about for too long, 

learning about Korea Institute of Psycho-education, 

and focusing on my treatment. 

I am still going forward to build happiness. 

I am trying to protect my precious life and my children.

Your decision may make the difference of night and day. 

If you are hesitating even today, I suggest you should give it a try and try hard. 

You will see what it means by the difference between knowing and not knowing about human mind. 

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