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Title I would like as many people to know.
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)

I’ve been married for over 20 years. To tell you the truth the life after the treatment program is better than before even after the fact he did wrong.

I was angry at him and beat myself up in the beginning. After I started this online healing program, I was able to control my emotion on my own regardless of what happened to me. During my marriage, I had my own social life and he had his own. We both had a pretty good reputation but we always fought at home. 

I was suspicious of his odd behavior but I didn’t want to know. In fact, I didn’t want to waste my emotion so I ignored and avoided. It was neither happy nor comfortable, but a life full of wounds and scars.

I did go to counseling here and there. I felt better temporarily but went back to my normal suffocating life. I wasted years, going to psychologist. I got mental health medications along with counseling. Nothing worked. I could put all my hope into this program because I tried everything. I really hoped it would work for me because I wasted money, time, and effort. In returns, my condition only got worse. I thought I could trust expensive counseling sessions. 

I could not understand why I was getting worse. I read books, went on a vacation, made different hobby, searched online for methods. I think I did everything that he said not to. I had a friend who told me just to enjoy now. I am so glad I didn’t listen and I didn’t give up on my own life like that. 

As soon as I started the program, I knew instantly this is the answer I’ve been looking for. I understood why I had this suffocating/drowning feeling as long as I could remember. Also, I asked myself why people are not talking about this and let others know about this. 

Above all, his homework was insane. They are unique and are the solution where you can’t get anywhere else in this world. 

It is so sad that kids get hurt in the process. Only if you know, it could be so easy to heal your kids own your own and make happiness centered around you. It is the most unfortunate case, when kids get hurt in the process when they should be protected within the family. 

I hope this program will get announced further and further so our society could grow healthy together. 


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