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Title What my family have gone through for the last few years
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)

My husband was in love with me absolutely passionately when we were dating before marriage. I was absolutely confident that he would never cheat on me. My life and my family simply collapsed at one blow after husband infidelity was discovered. I barely ate one meal a day and I was suffering from pain of death. Why would this happen to me? What went wrong? Why on earth? What more did he need? I casually attacked my husband out of rage and wounds. 

I blamed my husband for everything and he left home and inflicted unbearable pain on me and my child. I collected all the proofs of infidelity to sue the adulteress and threatened her in the face. I did almost everything anyone could do upon the discovery of spouse infidelity to get my husband back. 

Nothing worked. He only paused and resumed. I repeated every countermeasure and he evolved to become more clever, audacious, and shameless. He came back after one year and would report to the police whenever he was stressed. Finally, he became violent and got himself a suspended jail sentence.

Everything was meaningless so I decided to let him leave us and go his way. Still, I was constantly thinking about filing a lawsuit for divorce and adultery even during the treatment. However, I don't do anything anymore now. I only focus on the therapeutic tasks to get back my happy self smiling happily just for myself. Incidents that happened in my family for the last few years flash before my eyes. They don't evoke pain or rage anymore. I bet my life on doing therapeutic tasks since I know that I must stand firm and upright to protect myself and my family. 

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  • KIP Treatment Center 2021-12-13 0points
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    Spam Most women who suffer from post traumatic stress due to husband infidelity go through similar process. They do things they should not do out of pain and desire for recovery. Many people including so-called experts encourage them to aggravate the condition out of ignorance or with selfish purposes. Many victimized spouses end up destroying their family and their own life following false advice.

    Any effort made by the victimized spouse who is not treated and has a psychological disorder will aggravate the relationship addiction of the spouse in infidelity and his or her own pathological condition ruining everyone's life. You were wise enough to treat your condition in such a difficult situation.

    It takes 3 to 6 months to stabilize psychology as the first phase of treatment and another couple of years to build prevention ability and happiness ability. In the process, you can not only restore your own psychology but also influence your children positively and give your husband an opportunity to treat himself.

    It is crucial for you to continue with your will power and efforts to complete recovery without recurrence of severe symptoms or experiencing adverse effects. When you achieve complete cure, you can naturally decide on your marriage relationship. Please, remember where you started and don't forget what happened in the past. Focus on your treatment with hope for happy future and read your own reviews once in a while to reflect upon yourself continuing self-check on progress. You will soon find yourself living happily with your children.

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