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Title Happy life
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)

I like where I am now. I don't have to say much. I have only a dim memory about how I have gone through the difficult time as if I had amnesia. Maybe I don't remember because I want to forget, or maybe I actually forgot. I am living a truly happier life compared with my past. 

My husband, my children, and I all have changed and I live everyday seeing how beautiful the world is. I wish everyday to come would be just like today. I feel nervous out of the blue once in a while, but I know that it won't be too bad under any circumstance since I am not what I used to be. 

I may have just treated myself or I may have improved since my husband has changed. Anyway, what is important is that both of us have changed for the better. I hope I will be able to live like this forever. I think I have made the wisest choice for myself. Anyone needs to make the biggest effort and investment for oneself at least once in their life not to regret afterwards. 


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  • KIP Treatment Center 2021-12-13 0points
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    Spam Many people feel that it would be impossible to become happy again before they start the treatment program. You were wise enough to choose the treatment over staying in pain and suffering. Now, you seem to be recovering and recognizing the change in your body and mind. The most salient sign of recovery is that you remember the painful past memories as cherishable ones without understanding exactly why. Now, you seem to be enjoying the fruit of your efforts.

    Avoidance in the face of crisis leads you to misfortune, but you have chosen confrontation and recovery to save your own life. You will know what to do without confusion in the face of the crisis in the future since you will have happiness ability and you will keep going with your happy life no matter what may happen.

    Please, remember where you started and keep up with your will power and efforts. You will soon find yourself completely cured and living happily without much conscious effort.

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