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Title I guess I did not know about myself at all.
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)


I did dot know that men's mind and women's operate differently, but I thought that I knew all about everything and live in pride. Since I started the treatment program, I have been learning about new concepts and how precious human relationships are. Now, I also know that everyone's thought standards are different. 

I was not able to fully focus on the training because I have been in quite a stressful situation. It is 7 months into my treatment starting on February the 20th and today being September the 22nd. I feel relieved that at least I know the treatment method even though I still have difficulties. I used to be overwhelmed by all different types of problems including panic disorder, eating disorder, sociophobia, amnesia, and claustrophobia. At first, my biggest wish was to be able to eat food. Now, I even have appetite and am gaining weight. I find that avoiding addiction and being cautious in relationships are important. I should be careful since I have not fully recovered yet. It is still confusing and painful, but I am determined to become intact and healthy.

I never imagined that treating my condition would be this painful. However, I feel that my head is getting clearer little by little. I want to thank Mr. Kim and all the staff at KIP. I am writing this review since I feel quite intact and healthy at this moment.

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  • KIP Treatment Center 2021-12-13 0points
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    Spam The treatment program consists of 1) Mind Training, 2) Therapeutic tasks, 3) Self-check on progress, and 4) Viewing reference materials. It takes 3 to 6 months to treat the condition to a substantial degree and another couple of years to build prevention ability and happiness ability, which is considered as complete cure.

    As you learn about the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology through Mind Training, you will realize the importance of human relationships in one's life. When you internalize the contents of the mechanism as habits, you will be able to treat and prevent your psychological disorders. As you proceed with the treatment program, you will experience the surprising effects of treatment you have never imagined, both in your body and mind.

    You have not reached the full recovery and you will repeatedly experience recurrence of symptoms on the way. Please, remember where you started and keep your hope for complete cure and happiness reading your own reviews once in a while. Also remember that the only way to reach true happiness is to keep up with the will power and efforts under any circumstance.

    Your own happiness must be prioritized over anything else in your life. Only then, you can live happily with your loved ones and in other relationships.

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