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Title Committing infidelity is divine retribution in and of itself.
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)

I myself developed relationship addiction and committed infidelity to be compensated for my husband's infidelity. I went through an utterly painful time to treat relationship addiction through Mind Training. I could reason that infidelity is the manifestation of a psychological disorder but my heart wandered about losing the direction. The first-hand experience of the pain taught me why infidelity itself is punishment. 

Relationship addiction covered up the pain that I was supposed to sense. I didn't know that I was drinking salt water and endlessly trying to quench my thirst. I still go back and forth and linger on some unidentifiable things, but at least I know what to do and how to live now. 

I had relationship addiction on top of post traumatic stress, which means I just went all the way down to the bottom. I wanted to give up many times and had to pull myself out of despair. However, I had children to take care of and I worked hard to recover. Now, I feel calm and fine and praise myself for doing this much and dreaming of happy future. 

I will keep making efforts until I fully recover. I want to thank Mr. Beomyoung Kim and all the staff at Korea Institute of Psycho-education. 

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  • KIP Treatment Center 2021-12-09 0points
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    Spam As you have said, committing infidelity itself is punishment. Infidelity is caused by relationship addiction, which is a psychological disorder. It destroys human relationships and psychology of many people sacrificing everything for one's own pleasure.

    Most people experience post traumatic stress upon the discovery of spouse infidelity or upon developing the doubt of spouse infidelity. The desire for compensation may lead to revenge affair, impulsive shopping, immersion into diverse activities ruining one's own life and other people's lives.

    It is a rare case that someone in relationship addiction decides to treat the psychological disorder and stop seeking pleasure. Most people keep living an unhappy life for the rest of their life. You can absolutely praise yourself for getting out of the danger.

    It takes time and effort to treat a psychological disorder and you will go through some difficulties in the process. You are a wise person so you will do well to restore healthy psychology and happy family. You have made an excellent choice.

    All humans make mistakes at some point in their life time. It is crucial to realize the mistake and correct it for the future. Unfortunately, many people self-justify for their mistakes and just continue to make mistakes for the whole life.

    Please, remember where you started and focus on all the tasks assigned with the strong will power. You will soon achieve complete cure and find yourself living happily with your family.

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