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Title Following a streak of light in the darkness
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2022-05-18
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I had devoted my life to my family and my 3 children. Then, one day 5 years ago, I could just feel that my husband had changed. I was anxious so I talked to friends to feel better temporarily. I suffered and developed depression as well as heart problem. My blood pressure was over the limit the machine could measure. 

I couldn't bear any more after 3 years of suffering. I was enraged casually and I knew that I had become a monster. I demanded a divorce and threw things away. I couldn't eat or sleep properly for more than a year. I came across Mr. Kim's Youtube videos at a sleepless night. He was explaining everything about my situation. I told my husband that I should see Mr. Kim to save my life. I told Mr. Kim to help me for my life when I applied for the treatment program. 

My suffering continued for a while even during the training. My husband and I agreed upon a divorce and I left home. I e-mailed Mr. Kim about my situation. He told me that i didn't have to be separated until I was legally divorced and suggested a face-to face conference with him. I felt better after one day and came back home. My child also suffered a lot. I resumed the treatment and tried to focus. Then, I found myself smiling with happiness under the bright sun after passing a long and stuffy tunnel. 

Now, I can dare to say that I, a 58 year-old-woman, shed bright light on everyone. My husband cannot go beyond the boundary of my small palm however hard he runs. I truly thank Mr. Kim for developing the treatment program. I want to tell those who are suffering that we all have the right to be happy. 

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