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Title Reflection on Treatment
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2022-05-02
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Hello, I am a woman who is into 80 weeks of Type 2 KIP Treatment.

I am wide awake tonight, so I thought I would reflect upon my treatment process. 

I could gather up my will power and be of a little help to people who are thinking about taking the program.

1. Before treatment

I was in complete despair for over a month and gave up on everything. One day, my husband showed me a Youtube video of Mr. Kim and I was utterly shocked. He knew everything about women's mind. I stayed overnight watching his videos and decided to take his program. I was shocked again to find out about the expense the next day. However, I was so impressed by his lectures and desperate enough to pay for the expense. I could afford the expense at least and I thought my life was worth much more than the expense. I thank my husband for introducing me to this program and I also thank myself for choosing this program. 

2. The process of treatment

I felt like I was on a roller-coaster everyday during the early stage of the treatment. However, it was much better than before I started the treatment. It was hard and sometimes wanted to give up, but I knew that I had to stay in the endless vicious cycle otherwise. I couldn't give up on my life and my family.

I feel that the world was always open to me for opportunities of happiness. I knew there were so many good things, good people, and good words around me to guide me in the right direction. However, I learned that I had to experience things firsthand and overcome difficulties on my own to grow and go forward. I am pretty sure that I would have ruined my life in quite a fast rate if I had not taken this treatment program. I am having much better days compared with 2 years ago. I am firm and composed. 

3. To those who are thinking about taking the treatment

I think we need to think about happiness first to be able to find ways to happiness. You can't just leave your life with luck. You need to accurately understand what happiness is and make efforts to go in the right direction. 

Only you yourself can decide and take actions to achieve happiness. You are strong enough to hold onto the hope for happiness even when you are in such pain. I have stopped the cycle of unhappiness and I am trying to make the cycle of happiness with the same level of energy. It is not easy to stop and redirect my energy in the opposite direction, but it is worth the effort. 

4. Result of coping and lawsuit

I had filed a lawsuit before I started the treatment. Mr. Kim advised me to stop coping with the case but I continued to take practical measures based on my distorted ideas. I gradually moved from victim mentality to perpetrator mentality. I was even jailed once and hurt my family a great deal. Luckily, I still continued with my treatment and my condition got better. I learned how things can be escalated in the wrong direction once you begin to take practical measures. 

5. Words of wish

I wish the best and happiness for all of you. 

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