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Title You don't have to explain what happened and how you feel for hours at KIP Psychology Treatment Training
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-06-02
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[You don't have to explain what happened and how you feel for hours at KIP Psychology Treatment Training] 

KIP Psychology Treatment Training does not adopt the conventional methods of listening to your story, providing empathy or rapport, or running standardized tests for diagnosis and treatment. It only provides the method of self-training for restoring the sense of self-respect, treating psychological wounds, restoring healthy psychology, and building happiness ability. 

You don't have to explain about your circumstance or current emotional state before starting the program. You only have to provide basic factual information required for accurate diagnosis. You will be diagnosed for your psychological condition with simple criteria so that you can choose the right program. Then, you just need to follow the guideline to restore self-respect, treat psychological wounds, restore healthy psychology, and build happiness ability regardless of your individual past stories and life situations . All the procedure is taken on-line or through e-mail correspondence, with office visits and video conferences only when necessary. 

People who suffer from psychological disorders naturally have distorted thoughts manifested in their speech and actions. Thinking and talking with distorted thoughts only disturbs and slows down the treatment process. Especially, interacting with people in close relationships make you blame the counterparty and suffer even more since people activate the unconscious more in close relationships. You can imagine what interactions between two close people with psychological disorders would result in. Problems are only to be expanded when both parties with psychological disorders interact activating the unconscious with strong self-conviction. 

KIP Psychology Treatment Training does not request detailed explanation on your thoughts or emotions since speech and actions employed by people in psychological disorders are not to be taken too seriously or at the face value. As you proceed with the treatment process, you yourself will realize that your own ideas and emotions were quite distorted at first. KIP Psychology Treatment Training is carefully designed to restore healthy psychology and happiness ability within the shortest time period also protecting your body and mind in the process. 

Inquiries : uip@uip.ac

[For more reference materials : https://kipmind.blogspot.com]



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