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Title Recipients_ People who suffer from relationship issues
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-05-22
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[Recipients_People who suffer from conflicts in general relationship, marriage relationship, and romantic relationship]

Many people suffer from conflicts in relationships. However, when you accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology, you can easily resolve conflicts in relationships and maintain good relationships with people. 

[Conflicts in general relationships]

We are in diverse relationships with people including parents, siblings, husband, wife, children, friends, coworkers, and so on. When conflicts occur in relationships, stress is generated continuously and both parties suffer. Especially, women tend to accumulate psychological wounds inside them and suffer in the conscious more than men due to accumulated wounds. 

You may have conflicts with :

- Parents

- Siblings

- Friends

- Coworkers

- Children

- Others 

Or you may have fear of forming relationships with people in general. 

As conflicts continue, stress and wounds expand and some people attempt to break free from stress by taking diverse types of diversions. Unfortunately, diversions are only for temporary relief of stress and cannot resolve conflicts or cannot treat wounds that are already inside you. When stress and wounds continue due to conflicts but you cannot relieve stress and wounds by diversions, you may feel great pain inside you.

Psychology Treatment of KIP provides an adequate treatment program that helps you accurately understand the operational mechanism of human conscious and unconscious, adjust and control your mind and psychology, and apply what is learned in daily interactions with people. 

[Conflicts in marriage relationship]

Many people suffer in marriage relationship. When stress and wounds from conflicts in marriage relationship are not treated adequately, they are aggravated more and more leading to the collapse of individuals'' psychology and marriage relationship itself. The psychology of marriage relationship applies to people who are legally married, in de facto marriage, or just living together in one household. 

You may have conflicts in a marriage relationship due to :

- Infidelity

- Business or economy

- Unemployment

- Physical or verbal abuse

- Abandonment

- Separation

- Sexual abuse or sexual perversion

- Indifference or negligence

You suffer more and more as conflicts continue and each party tries to communicate their thoughts and emotions to no avail in a vicious cycle. In the process, the couple may exchange hurtful speech and actions, and stress and wounds may only keep being accumulated. Then, the couple may begin to neglect conflicts and avoid confrontation getting themselves immersed into other things separately. They may not confront as much as before but conflicts have not be resolved. 

Many people say :

- He (She) does not seem to know what he (she) has done wrong.

- I feel that I am pathetic for marrying a man like him (a woman like her).

- I want to divorce him (her) but what about my children?

- I cannot go on like this any more.

- I don''t consider him (her) as a human being. 

- I try to do better thinking that then, things will get better.

- I have always complied with his (her) way but I don''t want to do it any more.

- I feel absolutely angry every time I see him (her). 

In a marriage relationship, most people activate the unconscious in the interaction with their partner, so their speech and actions cannot be calculated or intended in advance in many cases. It also means that correcting or changing the partner''s behaviors is almost impossible. What you can do is to accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology and then, apply the principles to induce positive outcomes from interactions. 

It may be only that neither of you have not found the right way of managing your own mind and considering your partner''s mind. Moods operate in men''s mind and feelings operate in women''s mind. When positive moods are generated in men continuously, they can generate passion continuously and correct problems on their own. When positive feelings are generated in women, they can generate feelings of love and happiness and correct problems on their own. 


You must change yourself before changing your partner based on the accurate understanding of the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. Through Psychology Treatment of KIP, you will be able to learn how the human conscious and unconscious operate in a marriage relationship and how you can resolve conflicts. Seemingly difficult problems may be easily solved once you understand the underlying mechanism and find the root cause. 

[Conflicts in romantic relationship]

Many people suffer from conflicts in romantic relationships. 

You may have conflicts in a romantic relationship when :

- You have frequent arguments involving emotional conflicts

- One party is indifferent or negligent

- One party demands the counterparty to do something against his or her will

- One party demands excessive sexual actions

- You want to break up but it is not easy

- One party is abusive verbally or physically

- One party is too busy

- One party likes friends and parties too much making the counterparty lonely

- You want to get married but your partner keeps postponing

- You love your partner but he or she is already married to another person

- Your partner has difficulty with his or her career

You must first understand that men and women have completely different operations of mind and psychology. Moods operate in men and feelings operate in women. Conflicts and disputes are only natural between a man and a woman due to the difference in the perception of conversation, the difference in the memory of emotions. and the difference in the operation of psychology. Men think and act following the operation of men''s mind and women think and act following theirs, and neither party has a clue about the other party''s operation of mind and psychology. 

Through Psychology Treatment of KIP, you will learn about how differently men''s and women''s mind and psychology operate, and how human conscious and unconscious operate. You will be able to develop the ability to solve relational problems and live a happy life with people around you. 

Inquiries : uip@uip.ac

[For more reference materials : https://kipmind.blogspot.com

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