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Title Recipients _People who lack self-respect & self-confidence
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-05-23
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[Recipients_People who lack the sense of self-respect and self-confidence / Women who suffer from psychological wounds]

[People who lack the sense of self-respect and self-confidence]

Psychology Treatment of KIP helps you build the ability to restore and maintain the sense of self-respect and self-confidence. 

When you lack the sense self-respect and self-confidence, you also lack the will power and tend to depend on other people. You may think that your ideas are wrong and other people's ideas are right and always look for others' guidance and approval for your own journey of life. 

People who :

- have worries and anxiety and cannot take actions 

- understand and admit what is right and what is wrong in your head but cannot accept 

  in your heart or cannot put to practice

- have many things you want to do but have not tried any

- feel fine when they are with people but suffer from loneliness when they are alone

- cannot stand being alone without having a romantic relationship

- cannot openly speak out for their thoughts and opinions

- are overly self-conscious

- cannot demand for their rights 

- cannot reject other people's requests

Many people suppress their emotions and do not know how to effectively express their thoughts and emotions. They want to be able to express themselves but they cannot help suppressing themselves and suffer inside themselves. The may avoid having a romantic relationship or become overly dependent on having a romantic relationship. 

When you accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology, you can treat wounds and stabilize psychology and adequately apply the principles to human relationships. In the process, your sense of self-respect and self-confidence will be naturally restored.  

When you restore the sense of self-respect and self-confidence, you can effectively express yourself and take actions activating the will power. You will not suppress your thoughts and emotions and will stop depending on other people. You will value your own existence and achieve comfort and happiness in mind. 

In case of women, restoring the sense of self-respect is more important than restoring self-confidence. Women with self-confidence without self-respect are considered to have a psychological disorder. When women restore self-respect, the restoration of self-confidence will automatically follow. In case of men, restoring the sense of self-confidence is more important that restoring self-respect. Psychology Treatment of KIP helps women build self-respect and men build self-confidence. 

[Women who suffer from psychological wounds]

Psychology Treatment of KIP helps women treat all wounds accumulated from the past and restore happy mind. Women with many wounds tend to forget about their wounds by getting immersed into diverting activities but it only aggravates their psychological condition.  

Women who :

- suffer from the loss of love

- suffer from misfortunate past experiences (sexual harassment, prostitution, 

  embarrassing incidents)

- think that they cannot have love and happy life again

- feel lonely

- suffer from repeatedly meeting and breaking up with men

- suffer from suppressing emotions 

- think pleasure seeking is all there is to life

- make efforts to change themselves but cannot quite achieve their goal

- have given up on everything with lack of self-respect and self-confidence

- only focus on career since they are afraid of meeting men

- think enjoying meeting men casually is happiness

In women's cases, negative past experience generates wounds in mind and wounds are stored in memory continuously affecting psychological operations. The unconscious attempts to treat wounds and has the conscious sense wounds. Even when you suppress wounds in the conscious, wounds in the unconscious keep operating affecting your perception, memory, and expression. Women with great wounds tend to avoid recognizing wounds by maximizing positive moods, and then, they become dependent on moods rather than properly activate feelings.  

Women can treat psychological wounds when they accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology. You can build the ability to treat wounds, stabilize psychology on your own, and apply the principles to human relationship in daily life by taking Psychology Treatment of KIP.  


Inquiries : kip@kip.ac

[For more reference materials : https://kipmind.blogspot.com] 

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