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Title A word by Beom Young Kim, the developer of KIP Psychology Treatment Methods]
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-05-16
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Homepage : http://www.beomyoungkim.com/

Contact for inquiries (E-mail) : kimby@kip.ac

     I developed the Theory of Migene, the Theory of Mimind, and the Theory of Xesmind based on my experience of psychology treatment as a general psychology counselor. I have about 20 years of experience in treating psychological disorders and developed a unique method of psychology treatment based on my theories. Differently from conventional psychology treatment methods, the treatment methods provided by Korea Institute of Psycho-education systematically apply the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology based on the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind. KIP psychology treatment programs attempt to address the root cause of psychological disorders instead of symptoms, and they cover almost all psychological disorders including severe psychological disorders and sexual dysfunctions. 

     In the process of treating diverse cases of psychological problems for years, I was able to hypothesize and verify that methods employing psychology healing and diversions including psychology counseling are not sufficiently effective and even detrimental to treating fixated conditions of psychological disorders including severe cases of psychological disorders such as post traumatic stress. I was also able to develop a more effective treatment method than conventional ones that minimizes the effects of external factors by adopting non-contact self-treatment mechanism. 

     We all know that human beings have both the body and the mind. The study of body has been advancing by medical and scientific researches. However, human mind is an abstract entity and it is manifested as emotions, which makes scientific research more difficult. The field of psychology has attempted to research on human mind and psychology by adopting diverse scientific methods, but has not succeeded in finding the standards or underlying mechanisms of the operations of mind and psychology. 

     I am not a scientist or a philosopher. I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, either. I have been researching on human mind and psychology independently starting from the hypothesis that humans have genes of mind as well as genes of body. I was lucky enough to be able to observe and address many cases of psychological disorders as a general counselor and develop theories on human mind and psychology : The Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind. 

     Through years of observation and research, I was able to discover that all human beings have identical underlying operational mechanism of mind and psychology with only difference between males and females. I also discovered that mind and psychology are different entities from each other with the mind being the origin of emotions and operating to generate diverse psychological manifestations. 

     Psychological manifestations can be diverse depending on cultures, societies, and individuals, but the mind has been operating identically for all human beings throughout human history. I have also been able to verify through years of practical applications that the psychology treatment methods based on the Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind can be successfully applied to treat most cases of psychological problems and disorders.  

     I hope that I will be given opportunities to co-research with people in diverse fields of study related with human mind and psychology in the future and contribute to the progress of our understanding of human mind and psychology. The Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind are believed to be absolutely in accordance with the basic values pursued by mankind, with which all human beings can peacefully progress together in harmony and order, and pursue individuals' happiness with freedom and equality. The Theory of Mimind and the Theory of Xesmind are not intended to take part with any specific school of science, philosophy, or religion. 

        I hope that records of my theories and practical applications will contribute to a more accurate understanding of the structure and the operational mechanism of human mind and interpretations of human psychological manifestations.    

 1. Experience / education

   - President of Korea Institute of Psycho-education

   - President of Japan Institute of Psycho-education

   - President of Happiness Therapy (specialize in infidelity therapy)

   - Western Covenant University, Los Angeles, CA, USA, (M.A.R , Religious studies),   


   - Graduate School of Public Policy, Inha University, Incheon, South Korea, (Lecturer,    

    Post traumatic stress disorder), 2018-2019

2. Activities

  [Home Pages]

   1) Korea Institute of Psycho-education : http://www.kip.ac

   2) Youth Mind Training : http://www.youthmindtraining.co.kr/

   3) Mother Therapy : https://www.mothertherapy.co.kr/

   4) Xes Training : http://www.xestraining.co.kr

   5) Upper Class Therapy : http://www.upperclasstherapy.com/

   6) KIP Diet : http://www.kipdiet.co.kr/

   7) KIP Psychology Treatment Center for Type 2 Psychological Disorder : 


   8) KIP Psychology Treatment Center for Type 1 Psychological Disorder : 


   9) Infidelity Therapy : http://www.infidelitytherapy.co,kr

   10) Xes Therapy : http://www.xestherapy.co.kr/


  - Korea Institute of Psycho-education : https://blog.naver.com/mindforum

   [Youtube Channels]

   1) Korea Institute of Psycho-education : 


   2) Infidelity Therapy: 



 3. Theories & applications

   - Theories : the Theory of Migene, the Theory of Mimind, and the Theory of Xesmind 

   - Treatment methods : Treatment methods of different levels of psychological 

    disorders including post traumatic stress and relationship addiction

   - Treatment methods of xes psychology : Treatment methods of disorders of xes 

     psychology and sexual dysfunctions 

   - Training program for specialist of psychology treatment

4. Publications

   - The Healing of Parents (2015.12)

   - The Healing of Work (2016.01), (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

   - The Origin of Mind (2016.04)

   - The Human Mind (2016.04)

   - Fashion Therapy (2016.06)

   - Infidelity is a Psychological Disorder -There is No Love in Infidelity (2016.12)

   - The Healing of Conflicts (2017.02), (Korean, English, Japanese)

   - The Theory of Mimind (2017.06), (Korean, English, Japanese)

   - Xes Therapy - A Treatment Method of Sexual Dysfunction (2017.11), 

    (Korean, English, Japanese)   

   - Who Am I? (2018.03)

   - A Treatment Method of Psychology (2018.04),  (Korean, English, Japanese) 

   - The Theory of Xesmind (2018.06), (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

   - Mother Therapy (2019.05), (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

   - A Cold in Mind - Depression (2020.10)

   - Infidelity Therapy - Infidelity that Leads to Death (2020.10)

   - Resolving Conflicts (2020.11)


5. Registered trademarks

   - 'migene' : The gene of mind and psychology

   - 'mimind' : The general term that incorporates all the operations of human mind and 


   - 'xesmind' : The general term that incorporates all the operations of human mind 

               and psychology involving sexuality

   - 'xestherapy' : The therapy that addresses sexual dysfunctions by stabilizing the 

                  operation of mind and psychology

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