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Title Recipients_People who suffer from addiction
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-06-09
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[Recipients_People who suffer from addiction]

You can treat diverse types of addiction through KIP Psychology Treatment Training. It also helps you build the ability for happiness and restore physical health after treating addiction. All of them are possible since KIP Psychology Treatment Training is designed to heal stress and treat psychological wounds, restore healthy psychology, and prevent further development of stress and wounds. 

Many people in all ages suffer from addiction these days. People with addiction who are not actively engaged in social activities such as teenagers or old people tend to be not properly monitored or discovered until the condition becomes serious enough to get attention from people around them. Many programs and attempts by government and the society are being implemented to fight against psychological disorders such as addiction, but the prevalence of addiction does not seem to decrease in any noticeable degree. 

When the condition of addiction is neglected, it only gets aggravated more and more destroying your body and mind. Moreover, even when you become aware that you have addiction, it is almost impossible for you to treat or overcome the condition with your conscious effort. When you make conscious efforts to treat addiction on your own, you may feel better temporarily mistaking it for having been cured and become convinced that you can control yourself with your conscious. This is exactly the process of aggravating the condition of addiction even further. 

As you repeat the process of making efforts, feeling better, and suffering from addiction again, you may go deeper and deeper into compulsion and anxiety connected with the object of addiction and eventually give up on efforts. The root cause of addiction is compulsion and anxiety caused by stress and psychological wounds, so it is really difficult to treat addiction by activating only the conscious. Sadly enough, this mechanism is not known to many people and conventional psychology treatment methods do not seem to be sufficiently effective in treating addiction.  

Addiction develops when stress and wounds keep operating with compulsion and anxiety not being properly addressed. At first, behaviors connected with addiction are employed to relieve stress and provide consolation, and then they become habitual behaviors eventually developing into compulsion and anxiety to the extent where they  can be relieved only by the specific behavior connected to the addiction. When stress and wounds keep operating making the unconscious require intense positive moods to compensate the negative emotions, compulsion is activated and it cannot be controlled by the conscious. Addiction is difficult to be treated by adopting most conventional therapies and treatment methods, and medication is often used for remission of symptoms. 

For addiction to be properly treated, the unconscious must be adjusted to restore balanced operation. When you accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology and adjust your unconscious in daily life, symptoms of addiction may naturally disappear and you can restore stabilized psychology and happiness in mind without adverse side effects in the short or long term. 

Inquiries : uip@uip.ac

[For more reference materials : https://kipmind.blogspot.com]  




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