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Title Recipients_Women who suffer from inferiority complex
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-06-06
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[Recipients_Women who suffer from inferiority complex] 

Everyone has some kind of and some degree of inferiority complex. No human being is perfect, but if you think that you must be a perfect person in every aspect, it indicates that you may have the sense of pride which is another way for inferiority complex to be manifested. Such people are considered to have higher degree of inferiority complex than other people. Especially in women, excessive interests in and worries about  appearance are a common type of inferiority complex. Such inferiority complex may also be manifested as over-confidence on their appearance. Women's inferiority complex on appearance indicates that psychological wounds are operating to be manifested as compulsion, anxiety, suppression, and then to be transfered to overly focusing on appearance at the conscious level.   

It is only natural that we all have some degree of inferiority complex, which drives us to make efforts to overcome it and pursue happiness and self-actualization. However, excessive inferiority complex which includes excessive self-confidence and pride make us suffer from diverse individual and relational problems. The root cause of women's inferiority complex is psychological wounds in the unconscious, and it actually aggravates the condition when you are overly self-conscious and attempt various practical solutions. 

It must be also noted that what you consider as your weaknesses can be considered as your strengths from other people's point of view. Women with inferiority complex tend to have a distorted idea that what they consider as their weaknesses are also viewed so by other people. When you are conscious about your weaknesses, you are activating negative thoughts and emotions. Then, you may try to get out of the negative thoughts and emotions by getting immersed into positive moods. However, it serves only as a temporary solution through diversion, but wounds in mind continue to stay and keep operating. When you get used to diversions by temporarily transfering to positive moods, you become to seek more and more fun and pleasure and become even more self-conscious about your weaknesses. Therefore, women with inferiority complex need to adjust their unconscious to achieve balanced psychological operation instead of depending on diversions. 

This mechanism may apply to women who : 

- Feel that their appearance is not good enough

- Are physically challenged

- Think they are not smart enough

- Feel that they are not successful enough

- Feel that they are not loved and not happy 

- Think that their past life is a failure

- Feel that they are not sexy or have no sexual ability

- Have failed in diet many times

- Have had plastic surgery repeatedly or are thinking about getting it

- Think that they look much better than other women

- Have become self-confident after getting plastic surgery

Many women who suffered from inferiority complex restored happy mind and turned their weaknesses into strengths by adjusting their unconscious through KIP Psychology Treatment Training. In addition, many of them were able to direct themselves to the life path they wanted and actually achieved what they have dreamed of after taking KIP  Psychology Treatment Training.

Also, when you achieve balanced psychology by adjusting your unconscious, your efforts for desired physical appearance such as diet and exercises may bring about much better results than when your psychology operates in an unbalanced way. KIP Psychology Treatment Training will help you accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology and build the ability to restore your mind  and psychology at the unconscious level.

Inquiries : uip@uip.ac

[For more reference materials : https://kipmind.blogspot.com]



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