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Title Waking up from a nightmare and spending time in heaven
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)

I am taking the psychology treatment of type 2 psychological disorder. The memory of the nightmare from 2 years ago comes to me once in a while, but I would say the present time can be likened to heaven compared with the time I had all the horrible symptoms. 

It gives me goose bumps when I think what would have happened to me if I had aggravated the situation. I was lucky enough to watch Mr. Kim's videos accidentally and it was almost like I was saved by God. I am truly grateful. I recovered enough to do without sleeping pills and I was diagnosed for complete cure of sleep disorder, anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. 

He was such a good husband and family man so my sense of betrayal was extreme. Now, I understand everything and will not give up. I rather feel pity for him. I just try to focus on therapeutic tasks and look into myself and keep the will power and efforts. 

I hope that others in similar situations will keep up with the will power and that their most difficult times will turn out to be gifts that bring happiness in the future. 

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  • KIP Treatment Center 2021-12-03 0points
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    Spam I guess you were not sure about the effects of treatment when you first started the program with worries and doubts. However, you have chosen the treatment with your own determination. We have provided only reference materials and methods of treatment. You are the one who made efforts and treated your condition. The fact that you have recovered from sleep disorder, anxiety disorder, and panic disorder indicates that you made great efforts to overcome difficulties with strong will power.

    As you continue with the will power and efforts aiming for a happy life, you will soon achieve complete cure and build treatment ability and happiness ability. I think you have done a great job of turning a major crisis in life into an opportunity for happiness.

    Please, continue to make efforts until you completely recover.

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