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Title The moment of tranquility, looking into my soul
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)

I have become wise enough to know that I will have good results with clear objectives even though the process will be difficult. I chose to become happy 2 years ago and I am following the path without any regret.

I faced the situation I had never imagined, but now, I am just going my way.

I am enjoying the time more than ever when I can look into myself and face my inner self through taking the innovative treatment methods of Mind Training and therapeutic tasks. 

You are supposed to enjoy what you cannot avoid. I was in the situation where people who have had a good life experience post traumatic stress. I was told not to look back, but I did, and that's what I found. My only fault was to live earnestly and diligently and that is my only medal in life. 

I still have pain in my body and mind from what I have gone through for the last couple of years, but I realize that this is also a part of the whole process to happiness and I will keep making efforts.

I understand that it is hard to form new habits considering my age, let alone forming habits of happiness. Life is neither long nor short. There are only two ends in the spectrum, but there is always middle points, from which diversity comes. I will go on with this path of happiness of my choice, and I love myself and am proud of myself for doing it. I wanted to write a review before 2 years pass after I started the therapy.

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  • KIP Treatment Center 2021-12-03 0points
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    Spam I wish many people who suffer from pain due to psychological disorders would choose to treat themselves as you did. Not many people start the treatment program with confidence on the treatment. With or without confidence, people who choose to treat their condition are considered to be wise enough compared with people who choose to live an unhappy life keeping the pain and the pathological condition. Many people who do not know about the treatment are led to live destroying their life and inflicting damage on other people mistaking pleasure for happiness.

    Luckily, you have started the treatment with confidence and strong will power. You were able to focus on all the treatment procedure and maintain the level of efforts. I can assure you that you will never regret your choice. It usually takes 1 to 3 years to treat psychological disorders and post traumatic stress. Anyone who argues for a quick and fast cure is considered to have no adequate treatment program. Such program is actually likely to aggravate the condition even further.

    You will be able to cure your condition and build happiness ability soon as you continue with your efforts. You deserve to be proud of yourself for not giving up on happiness and being courageous enough to choose the right path upon facing the biggest crisis in your life. Please, remember where you started and make efforts consciously to do all the therapeutic tasks and self-check until you achieve complete cure and happiness ability.

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