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Title The happiness of daily life
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)

I had gone through a long tunnel without checking for my progress for more than a month. 

Then, one day, a moment of realization came to me and I could apply the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology to reality. 

That was it! I could understand my husband and felt compassion toward him. I began to see the man I used to know in him. 

What happened to him? He was a smart and diligent man who poured passion into his work. 

I felt pity and anger simultaneously that he had such a disease. 

I also understood why Mr. Kim, the director of KIP, emphasized so much for the true nature of the phenomena. 

When I understood and knew, rage and wounds disappeared. I guess this is what it means by a subtle difference making a big difference. 

Now, I also understand that I am the only person who can treat my own rage and wounds. 

I suddenly awoke the moment my thought changed. I could return to my daily life after getting out the long tunnel where I suffered from pain and wandered.

It is exactly 7 months after I developed post traumatic stress. I feel the sense of joy without any specific reason. 

I have this weird feelings of happiness and stability. I think I will be able to live happily with my children.     

I still have the issue of restoring the relationship with my husband. I will take time to do so. 

Now, I can manage recurring memories of wounds without much difficultly. 

I feel comfortable to be with my husband and can talk about my wounds without getting upset. 

He still seems to be stressed by being reminded of past incidents, but he tries to listen to me and expresses his ideas. 

Both of us are doing our best to communicate each other and we are getting along with each other better. I guess it will take time. 

I sometimes get irritated, from which I recover soon. I can recognize that rage and wounds are being treated. 

I continue with therapeutic tasks and grateful to myself for doing well. I still have a couple of more years to go, but I see habits changing and being stabilized. 

I am experiencing ups and downs in my emotional state. I watch reference videos to gather up my will power. 

We are doing well together as a family in daily life. I guess this is happiness. This is the daily life I so desperately wanted to have. 

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